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Kiev Apartment.org

The convenient and remunerative alternative to hotel daily rent of apartments in the centre of the capital of Ukraine Kyiv is offered to you. The various variants of settled apartments with a complex of hotel services will satisfy any inquiries. A convenient arrangement of apartments in direct city centre, furniture of full value, presence of necessary household accessories will give you an opportunity of safe and comfortable residing. Our driver can meet you from the airport or railway station and deliver to a place of residing. And also are possible services of the guide and interpreter.

All apartments offered to you, are completely furnished, supplied with bed belongings, towels. The necessary household appliances (TV set with a remote control, refrigerator, telephone, iron) there are on all apartments. The apartments of a deluxe-class supplied with household appliances more full (conditioner, video recorder, musical centre, washing machine, dishwasher, computer, microwave etc.). In addition you can order to your arrival the certain products, drinking water, drinks etc.

The apartments are leased without the intermediaries - therefore to the cost of rent of an apartment any commission sums are not increase. Cost specified on a site is not final and can be changed depending on market conditions (for the period of spring and autumn exhibitions and seminars usually cost of apartments is increased).

In the purposes of safety each three months in apartments the scheduled replacement of locks is made. The entrances almost of all apartments are protected by concierges. The doors are closed on the code locks. In some cases the supervised parking of automobiles in a house yard is stipulated. All apartments offered to you are isolated and are located at the direct centre of Kiev that also is the positive factor of safety.

You have an opportunity to reserve the apartment, most suitable to you. For this purpose write the letter to us (info@kievapartment.org), you specify an apartment which want to reserve, date and arrival time, quantity of days of residing, your name and contact telephone, or simply call. If the reserved apartment necessary for you is free at that time you receive the confirming letter. After that it is necessary for you to transfer on our account the sum of daily cost residing or to bring in the required sum of advance payment in Kiev directly to cash. In the case if the apartment is necessary for you only for one day, we dont reserve a concrete apartment, but we offer that apartment, which is free on the moment of your arrival.

The cost of rent includes:

  1. Tiding up an apartment and replacement of bed belongings in three days of residing (more often cleaning and washing of personal things are possible for additional payment).
  2. The protection of an entrance, electric power, warm and water supply, other kinds of municipal services.
  3. The telephone negotiation about Kiev (international and inter-town telephone negotiation are paid by the tenant directly at eviction).

At installation you will be given the document confirming payment and the fact of residing on which (in case of need) you can report about means spent on payment of services of granting of habitation.

Pay attention to that, that time of installation to apartments is 13-00, and time of eviction - 12-00. If you have necessity to be installed earlier or to be to evict later inform about it beforehand.